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Located in the center of Europe, Romania is a turntable for international economic exchanges between the West and East, North and South of the continent, between Europe and the middle East.
Railway transport - The main railway lines converge on the Capital that lies in the South-East of the country. Bucharest is Romania's foremost railway node, with 8 main lines leaving from here, most of which are connected to international routes.
The network of public roads in Romania sums up 198,589 km, including 114 km of highway, 14,696 km of national roads, 22,328 km of streets in towns and 97,660 km of streets in rural localities. Like in the railway system, the capital of Romania remains the major road juncture.
River navigation is mainly practiced along the Danube. Ships with a draught exceeding 7 m. can navigate on the maritime Danube downstream from Braila. The Danube-Black Sea Canal and the commissioning of the Danube-main-Rhine Canal helped create a waterway of European importance that connects the North Sea to the Black Sea.
Parliament House - Romania Air Transport - In the history of Aviation, Traian Vuia was the first in the world to take off, in 1906, in Paris, Henri Coanda presented the world's first jet plane. The first airplane ever with metallic elements in its structure and a two seat cockpit was built in 1911 by Aurel Vlaicu.
Romania's main airport is the Henri Coanda International Airport, 20 km away from Bucharest, which handles 75% of the passenger and goods traffic. At the northern end of Bucharest lies the Baneasa Airport, which handles especially domestic flights.

Telecommunication in Romania go back one hundred and fifty years. In 1854, the first inter-urban telegraph line was commissioned. After 1884, several localities were equipped with telephones, with networks exceeding 10km. It is worth mentioning that it is Romanian Augustin Maior that invented the multiple telephone, which allowed Bell's invention to spread.
In 1899, the Palace of Post and Telegraph started operating, one of the most stately buildings in Bucharest. After 1918, according to a Royal Decree, the General Division of PTT coordinated the activity of the Post, Telegraph and telephone throughout Romania.
Nationalized in 1948, the Romanian Anonymous Telephone Company entered under the control of the State that became its owner.
After 1991, the ROMTELECOM Autonomous Telecommunication National Company was set up as the national operator in matter of communications.
Mobile phones have boomed formidably in recent years. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology granted 6 licenses for the experimentation of 3G telecommunication services. Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia, Alcatel, Motorola and Zapp own the respective licenses.
The post system was first attested in Romania in the 13th century. The year 1858 represents an important date in the evolution of the post. It was then that the first Romanian post stamps were introduced, deemed amongst the oldest in the world. The series Aurochs' Head contains a few peerless pieces of philatelic collection.
At present, The Romanian National Post Company SA has a powerful post network with 600 commercial post offices; 300 distribution post offices; and about 30,000 post boxes.
Each year there are about 25 issues of 8-10 stamps as well as several perforated strips. The Romanian Post organized in Bucharest the 23rd Congress of the World Postal Union.
Beside the National Press Agency, ROMPRES, private press agencies emerged such as Mediafax, AR Press and AM Press. In the field of print media, a true explosion has been recorded, both in the capital city and throughout the country. A large number of publications - dailies and periodicals - are issued in the languages of ethnic minorities. New philosophical - religious and history magazines have been started. News and information about Romania in languages of world circulation (English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) are provided - besides the specialized programs of the Radio Company.

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