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With Romania lying at crossroads in Europe, it is easy to reach from any cardinal point, by trans-European railways and roads, by air, or by water-ways (the Danube and the Black Sea). The country's harmonious relief, featuring plains, hills and mountains, make Romania ideal for tourism.
Mountain Resorts
Health Spas
Wild Life Sanctuaries
Sea Coast
Castles & Citadels
Art & Architecture
Historical Monuments
Tourists can spend memorable holidays in mountain resorts. Vatra Dornei in the north, Slanicul Moldovei, Borsec and Sovata in the central area of the mountains, Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Sinaia, Busteni, Caciulata and Calimanesti in the south, Muntele Mic, Semenic and Baile Herculane in the south-west, Stana de Vale in the north-west are only some of the resorts of a widespread tourist network providing high standard accommodation.
About 200 health spas are spread in the mountains, hills and plain areas. These spas are a true pharmacy of nature with their water rich in mineral salts used in curing a large number of illnesses. Many diseases are treated here with sometimes spectacular results.
Deer, bear, wolf, fox, wild boar, wild birds, hare, quail, pheasants etc. can be hunted in game-rich grounds accross the country, in all seasons.
The Black Sea Coast - one of Europe's widest seacoasts - features 15 resorts spreading over 50 km, each special in its own way, offering tourists wonderful holidays and cures in sanatoriums.
North of the seacost lies the Danube Delta. Situated in the central-eastern part of Romania, the delta is enclosed by the three branches of the Danube that flow into the Black Sea. The Danube delta is unique in Europe. Its beauty, the rich wildlife etc. made UNESCO declare it a biosphere preserve.
In north-west Moldavia, in Bukovina, there are medieval Christian Orthodox Churches with interior and especially exterior frescoes (Voronet, Sucevita, Moldovita, Humor, a.o.), masterpieces of art and architecture, part of the UNESCO artistic heritage. Erected in the 15th-16th centuries, the monasteries of Moldavia represented genuine fortresses of Christianity. The Voronet monastery with its magnificiant Doomsday is also called the Sistine Chapel of the east, and its dominant colour, blue, has entered the artistic idion next to "Tizian red" and "Vernese green".
The castles and citadels of Rasnov, Bran, Hunedoara, Sinaia, Suceava, Neamt, Alba Iulia, Sighisoara, Histria and many others represent an open history book. To this add the cities and towns with their specific traits and monuments, the museums, botanical gardens, natural parks, as well as the large number of villages where tourists may spend unforgettable vacations.
City Code International Airports
Arad ARW Arad Internatinal Airport
Bacau BCM Bacau International Airport
Bucharest OTP Henri Coanda Internatinal / Otopeni Airport
Bucharest BBU Aurel Vlaicu Internatinal / Baneasa Airport
Cluj Napoca CLJ Cluj Napoca Internatinal Airport / Someseni Airport
Constanta CND Mihail Kogalniceanu Internatinal
Iasi IAS Iasi Internatinal Airport
Oradea OMR Oradea Internatinal Airport
Satu Mare SUJ Satu Mare Internatinal
Sibiu SBZ Sibiu Internatinal Airport
Timisoara TSR Traian Vuia Internatinal
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Large-scale privitization of tourism ended in 2002. 1340 billion lei were obtained from privitization, seven times more than the nominal value of the shares put up for sale.
New development programs were launched for various tourist products: Mamaia Resort, the Riviera of the East, Danube Cruise, The Blue Flag - Golden Bukovina, and the programs underway were continued. Several services for extreme sports have been developed.
More than 15,000 foreign tourists participated in Danube Cruise program. In the winter season, the Christmas tide draws the biggest number of tourists, practically all accomodation being taken by Romanian and foreign visitors.
Romania participates yearly in 60 international tourism fairs and exhibitions of which over 50 in Europe, in the Middle East, in North America and in Asia.
Developing relations with tourism authorities in the countries of the European Union - the World Tourism Organization, Die Donau Association for the Promotion of Tourism in the Danube countries, the Central European Initiative, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation - has been a priority. Multilateral tourism development aspects have been approached within these bodies such as sustainable development, eco-tourism, regional development and others.
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